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Soma is the brand name for the drug carisoprodol, an oral medication used as a first line of treatment to help with musculoskeletal pain in our body. Musculoskeletal can refer to any muscle injury or any incident which causes tissue damage in our damage. It has now become one of the most common problems today and working requires an effective and quick way to get relief and do their day-to-day job without any hindrance. Carisoprodol is one of the most common and first options in the list of medicines which are approved by FDA to help with musculoskeletal pain. However as effective a drug can be it is not available without prescription because of its working and side effects. Based on that we can say that one needs to know other details related to the drug like uses, side effects, interaction of the drug and what precautions need to be taken before you order Carisoprodol online.

How does Soma/Carisoprodol helps with muscular injury

It can be beneficial if you know how the drug works in your body before taking it, thus here explain the mechanism of action of carisoprodol you need to keep in mind before you order Soma 350mg online. Carisoprodol is the active ingredient of Soma 350 mf which helps with musculoskeletal pain. The exact mechanism on how the drug works in our body is yet to be identified. However, based on different research and studies we can conclude that the drug works in our body by altering the interneural activity in the spinal cord and brain which means it enhances or blocks secretion of various neurotransmitters in our central nervous system. Carisoprodol is metabolized in the liver where a proportion of it is converted to meprobamate which is responsible for sedation effects of the drug and has a potential to create physical dependency of the body on the drug.

Other things to keep in mind before you order Soma 350mg online

Carisoprodol, the active ingredient of Soma 350mg might be effective to help with muscular injury however it does have some downfall in the form of side effects and interaction. Various common Carisoprodol side effects are listed below:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Hypotension
  • Somnolence,
  • Euphoria
  • Dysphoria
  • Elevated heart beat
  • Vomiting
  • Skin rashes
  • Bad Stomach

The above mentioned are some of the side effects caused by taking carisoprodol which are not incident for a longer period of time. In case the symptoms last long, one should consult a doctor immediately.Apart from the some precaution are there which are needed to be taken before you order Soma 350mg online some of which are listed below:

  • Soma 350 tablets should not be taken with a CNS depressing agent or any other medication which have severe effects on our nervous system.
  • Carisoprodol, the active ingredient of Soma 350mg is known to impair the physical and mental abilities, thus the person might not be able to perform a task which requires physical and mental coordination or heavy machinery task.
  • Carisiprodol has a potential to create physical dependency in our body thus should be taken according to the prescription.

Why Prescription is mandatory before you order Soma 350mg online

Carisoprodol is listed as schedule IV controlled substance in the USA thus requires a prescription. The reason for this is that carisoprodol is a CNS depressant and working of the drug affects our brain. Taking medicine without prescription can lead to overdose which will cause a severe impact on our body or might create a problem of addiction. Thus it is advised to always get a prescription before you purchase Soma350mg online.

Where can I Buy Soma 350 online

Soma 350mg tablets for sale are available at every single general store or you can easily order Soma 350mg online. However because of the legal status of carisoprodol, a prescription is mandatory before you purchase the medicine. Various online pharmacies are present from where you can buy Soma 350 online however you need to find an authorized store which sells only genuine medication. You can consider our store from where you can also order Soma350 mg COD where you don’t need to make any advance payment or share you personal information like card details.


Q.1) What is the use of Soma (Carisoprodol) medicine?

Soma (Carisoprodol) is used to relax the pain caused in our muscles. It acts as a therapy for the muscles that connect our nerves and the brains. This medicine is used to treat any injury that is caused due to weak muscle conditions connected to the skeleton.

Q.2) What is the maximum time you can consume Soma?

Soma cannot be consumed for more than three weeks. Generally, the injury in the muscle does not continue for more than 3 weeks, hence there is no confirmed prescription for the longer usage of this medicine. If you feel there is still some pain in the muscle, please consult the doctor before continuing the medicine for more than three weeks.

Q.3) What are the possible side effects of Soma?

Heavy consumption of Soma can affect your brain and you start feeling drowsy and dizzy. Too much overdose of this medicine can lead to death. It is not advisable to take this medicine while driving as they are quite similar to some mild sleeping pills. It is always advisable to take this medicine as per the doctor’s consultation.

Q.4) Who should not consume Soma?

Those people who are highly allergic to skin diseases and rashes, liver problems, kidney issues and have got a sudden stroke at any time should avoid consuming this medicine without consulting the doctor. This medicine is also not advisable for the younger generation, especially those below the age of 16 years.

Q.5) Is Soma medicine advisable for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Pregnant ladies should always inform the doctors about their pregnancy as this tablet can harm the little one in the mother’s stomach. This medicine should also be avoided by breastfeeding females. The medicine enters the milk accumulated in the breast which may harm the baby.

Q.6). Is it advisable to drink alcohol along with the consumption of this medicine?

It is a bit of strict advice by doctors to avoid drinking alcohol when you are prescribed to take Soma (Carisoprodol) medicine. It is very dangerous as it may make you feel dizzy and lead to serious accidents and other unwanted injuries.

Q.7) What is Soma prescribed for?

Carisoprodol is the generic name for the Soma tablet, which is a muscle relaxant that affects the neural system. As a result, it is a good treatment for bodily aches produced by muscle contractions and spasms. Soma is used to relieve muscle tension and muscle stiffness that causes loss of balance and aches throughout the body.

Q.8) What effect does Soma have on muscle ache?

The actual mechanism of action associated with the Soma pill's working and functioning is unknown. Soma, on the other hand, works by preventing pain signals from a specific portion of the body from hitting the brain's GABA receptor. It works by interfering with the body's neurological system. Physical therapy can be used in conjunction with Carisoprodol to increase its efficacy.

Q.9) Is Soma a narcotic?

No, Soma is not a narcotic drug. Opioid drugs are classified as narcotics, however, the Soma tablet is not one of them. Following the Soma warnings, on the other hand, can help people avoid potential adverse effects. However, you should not try to intervene with the dosage of Soma and always follow the doctor’s advice regarding the dosage and use of Soma.

Q.10) Is it safe to take Soma when pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, taking Soma during the pregnancy or lactating period is not safe. The active components of Soma can mix with the mother’s milk and reach the baby. Also, it is capable of crossing the placenta and can harm the fetus. Furthermore, clinical studies reveal that Carisoprodol has the potential to cause birth abnormalities and can interfere with a child's healthy growth and development.

Q.11) Is it safe to combine the Soma tablet with other medications and treatments?

Soma can induce medication interactions with other treatments and drugs, resulting in side effects such as weakness and nausea. With such interactions, the benefit of the medicine will be reduced, and you will not get the intended outcomes from the medicine. Thus, you should try to avoid combining other medicines with Soma. Moreover, it is advisable to consult a doctor for the best results.

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