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Methycobal 500mg

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Methycobal tablet is a vitamin B12 supplement prescribed to patients with vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient that helps keep the brain, nerves, and DNA healthy.

However, not many people are able to take the required amount of vitamin B12 from natural food sources. Here is where methycobal tablet can help.

In this post, you will learn about methycobal uses, methycobal dose, and how you can buy Methycobal 500 mg tablets online.

How to Use Methycobal 500mg?

Methycobal 500 mg is an oral supplement and should be taken by mouth. Methycobal dose will depend on the severity of your vitamin B12 deficiency. Ideally, methycobal should be taken after the meal, but you can take it with a meal as well, especially if taking it on an empty stomach causes stomach upset. However, if the instructions provided by your doctor contradict these instructions, follow your doctor.

Methycobal Uses and Benefits

You can order Methycobal 500 mcg cod online as a supplement of vitamin B12. Your doctor will prescribe methylcobalamin to you if vitamin B12 levels in your body are low. In addition, this medication also promotes the formation of red blood cells in your body and enhances the absorption of iron. Your doctor may also prescribe you to buy cheap Methycobal 500 mcg tablets online with other vitamin supplements to improve the immunity and metabolism of your body.

Side Effects and Precautions

When taken by mouth, methycobal is considered safe for most people, even at large doses. However, some people may be allergic to vitamin B12 supplements, cobalt, or cobalamin. In such cases, some severe allergic reactions can occur. If you notice any allergic signs, such as swelling, rash, or nausea, contact your doctor.

Buying oral methycobal tabs online is considered safe for pregnant women. However, 2.6 mcg per day is the recommended dose for pregnant women, and you should not take more than 2.8 mcg per day as its safety at larger amounts is not well documented.

If you have recently undergone surgery, do not buy Methycobal 500 mcg tablets online and use them in combination with vitamin B6 and folate, especially if you have received a coronary stent. It can increase the risk of vessel narrowing.

You should not buy Methycobal without prescription if you have Leber disease. Taking vitamin B12 supplements if you have this hereditary eye condition can damage the optic nerve and lead to permanent blindness.

Methycobal can be used to treat megaloblastic anemia, but it can lead to serious side effects. Don’t start a methycobal therapy for this condition unless your doctor approves of it.

In dogs, methycobal can be helpful in treating diabetic neuropathy. This condition involves consistently high blood sugar levels, which can damage your dog’s nerves. You can get Methylcobalamin for Dogs online if your dog suffers from diabetic neuropathy.

Interactions of Methycobal

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin and therefore, does not reactive to most other products and supplements. However, a major interaction between vitamin B12 and chloramphenicol is known. Methycobal promotes the formation of new blood cells, whereas chloramphenicol might decrease their formation.

If consumed for a long time, chloramphenicol can oppress the effects of vitamin B12 on new cells. However, taking chloramphenicol and methycobal together for a short interval is considered to be safe.


If you are suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency, taking methycobal can help. This synthetic vitamin B12 supplement can promote blood formation and be helpful in treating low B12 levels. Moreover, this medication has a positive safety profile and is not known to have any major side effects and interactions. So, if your doctor prescribes, feel free to buy Methycobal 500 mcg tablets online.

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  1. Ankit

    very usefull medicine

  2. Olivia jeeny

    Aspirin tablet is really awesome . I suffer headache pain but when I taken this tablet its a relief able . and
    this site service is also great .

  3. Freya Campbell

    Methylcobalamin capsules or injections are safe If prescribed for any condition or deficiency.

  4. Rose

    Very useful to treat my vitamin B12 deficiency. I’ll recommend to try this medicine who have vitamin B12 deficiency.

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