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Where do I buy Aspirin online to reduce the risk of Heart attacks & Strokes?

Sat Apr 17

Headache, fever, and body pain have now become an additional charge of our day-to-day life apart from taxes. The fast they catch up in our bodies, the more quickly one would like to get relief from them. Oral medication is now available in the market to cure these problems which can be taken without any prescription. One of the most common drugs which are used is Aspirin which is available in our nearby store or can also buy aspirin online very easily. Apart from headaches if we consider other uses of Aspirin then the major one is that it can reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes. Here we will be discussing various aspects related to Aspirin like its physical and chemical nature, important uses of Aspirin, its health benefits, and side effects that one should need to know before they plan to employ the drug for pain relief.

What is aspirin?

Having information about the product which you are buying is not bad. Thus here is some additional information that one can easily understand before choosing to get the drug. Aspirin (also known as acetylsalicylic acid (ASA)) is a medication used to treat headaches and fever and prevent blood clots in people at high risks (also reduces the chances of heart attack and certain types of cancer). It is a Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (NSAID). Chemically it is a derivative of salicylic acid which is synthesized through the esterification of salicylic acid when it is treated with acetic anhydride. It is white crystalline and somewhat acidic in nature.

Uses of Aspirin

Aspirin can be used to treat various conditions in our bodies. Commonly used as an analgesic to treat headaches and pain, it can be used to treat various other conditions in our body. Thus before one went to buy aspirin online or from any nearby store, one should have an idea of the various uses of aspirin or various conditions they treat through aspirin:

• Headache and Fever
• Inflammation
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Kawasaki Diseases
• Pericarditis

Who can take aspirin daily?

Apart from above mentioned common uses, other uses of aspirin-like prevention of blood clotting and reducing the risk of heart attack or death (if a person has a stroke) make the drug be taken daily. Some new evidence also stated that aspirin can also reduce the chances for various forms of Cancer. Although it is no harmful to take aspirin regularly as an analgesic, here are some other uses of aspirin or the condition in which aspirin is prescribed daily:

• If a person already had a heart attack
• If there are very high chances that a person is going to have a heart attack.
• Person having diabetes.
• People who are prone to develop any heart-related diseases (if a person is smoking or consuming tobacco).

Also, we would like to mention that apart from various important uses of aspirin and as more and more people tend to procure the drug without any prescription it should not be given to any children or minor below the age of 16 as intake of aspirin by children is linked to Reye’s Syndrome.

What is the daily dose of Aspirin?

Aspirin does not require any prescription thus anyone can get it from a nearby store or can buy aspirin online. However, the dosage prescribed by any doctor varies from country to country depending on the condition of the person. Based on the information provided by various resources it is no harm in saying that the ideal small dose for a normal person can be 75-81mg.

Side effects of Aspirin

Before you buy aspirin without prescription, apart from knowing various uses of Aspirin one should also know the various side effects which can be developed if you take aspirin. Various side effects of aspirin are listed below:

• Swelling of skin tissue or Angioedema
• Skin rash or hives
• Tinnitus
• Gastrointestinal Bleeding
• Kidney problems
• Tiredness
• Ringing in the ears (due to overdose)
• Yellowing of eyes and skin

Where can I Buy Aspirin Online?

Aspirin is a very common drug that does not even require any prescription. One can purchase ecosprin 75 mg online from various drugstores. Even in India where it is such a commonly demanded drug that you can even get the drug from pharma stores. However, there are a number of legit pharmacies offering Ecosprin 75 mg COD that clearly mention the uses of Aspirin and related necessary information:


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