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How is Methycobal Effective for Diabetic Patients?

Mon Apr 4

Vitamin 12 for diabetics patients Vitamin B12 is an important micronutrient needed for optimal hematopoietic, neuro-cognitive, and cardiovascular processes. Biochemical […]

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Methylcobalamin [Vitamin B12]: Uses, Side-effects guide. A quick drug overview

Wed Mar 23

Methycobal capsules are associated with a group of ‘Vitamins’ which are obtained for the medication of peripheral neuropathies, megaloblastic anemia […]

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Aspirin for the Heart: One Dose Doesn’t Fit All

Mon Mar 7

Aspirin: A brief overview Aspirin is a brand held by the famous German pharmaceutical firm Bayer. Aspirin is also known […]

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Should Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Take Aspirin to Prevent Stroke and Coronary Events?

Fri Feb 25

Diabetes is a life-long circumstance where your body is not able to generate enough insulin (Type 1) or your body […]

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Celeheal vs Etova: Which is the More Affordable Anti-inflammatory Pain Relief Medicine?

Mon Feb 14

In today’s world, a variety of pain relievers are available in the market that claims to provide a guaranteed solution […]

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Is it safe for a Covid-19 patient to take Combiflam?

Fri Nov 26

Combiflam tablet (How to Take Combiflam?) comprises of two salts, Ibuprofen 400 mg and Paracetamol 325 mg. Ibuprofen is a […]

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